War has begun

I am not talking of war with guns and rockets but price war. With the ¬†Flipkart’s big billion day sale, it has started a price war among other e-retailers. Snapdeal and Amazon has also started the same. ¬†Others might follow the path. Its a win-win situation for consumers. Future group and others are complaining that

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Tips to speed up your slow PC

To speed up your slow PC first step should be restart. In fact you should restart the computer before performing any of the below mentioned steps. Its just like the human brain. You need restart when you are tired. Stop all unused applications Turn off unneeded Desktop Features that try to make things look better.

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How to uses SYSMON to Monitor Performance counter?

Monitor performance counter using SYSMON The following example uses VBScript to add counters whose values are retrieved from the local computer, modifies some of the SYSMON properties that control how the monitor is displayed, and processes the OnCounterAdd event. The example uses the wildcard character (*) to add all instances of the process counter. Save

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Tips and tricks of getting things done in the IT world.

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