Lighting LED Using Raspberry Pi and Python

Lighting LED using Raspberry Pi To lighting LED using Raspberry Pi we first need Python GPIO. In my previous post on Raspberry pi we have installed raspbian. Next thing is to start experimenting on it. In this post we will see how you can setup your pi to run Python and create your first Project. As a first step we …

LED Jar – Weekend Project

LED JAR This is the simplest LED light. It uses a Nokia BL-5C battery, 3W LED and Li battery charger.   For step by step guide refer the following URL

LED Torch with adjustable brightness

The Led torch with adjustable brightness circuit uses LM3914 as the basis of a 10 step variable brightness current-regulated white LED . This circuit has only four components in the control and regulation circuit: R1,R2, VR1 and LM3914. Part List 1. IC – LM3914 2. LED1-10 – 10 white led 3. R1 – 620 ohm 4. …

Flashing LED

Alternate red and green flashing LED using 9 volt battery Part list R1,R2 – 100 Ohm R3,R4 – 105 K C1,C2 – 10 μF 25 Volt T1-T2 – BC 548 D1-D5 – Red LED D6-D10 – Green LED 9 Volt Battery