Effective time management tips

Time management has become absolute necessity in todays world. Its well know now that we are probably busier than we ever have been. We have started using lot of time saving devices from vacuum cleaners to microwave ovens to computers. But what technology gives also takes away.  As we have increased the numbers of time saving devices and products to make our lives easier we have found ways to fill the time.

And a chronic lack of time leads to stress.

There are ways to mange your times effectively. Some of the time management tips to manage time effectively are listed below.

Make a time diary

This is very simple. Note down time spent each day in a week. Be honest and note each any every time. If you are watching 10 hours TV in a week mention it. Try to detail out each activity of the day like gym time, driving/commuting time, eating time, meeting time etc. Most of the time you will find out where you are spending more time. Next action will be strike off those activities where you should stop spending time. For example you may be spending 2-3 hours daily chatting with others.

Learn to say “NO”

When someone asks you to do something that you really don’t have time to do, say so, politely, but firmly. And don’t allow yourself to feel guilty. One reason we are feeling so busy all the time is that we are worse at setting personal boundaries around what we’ll say ‘no’ to. You should focus on your goals. Your time diary can help in this regard. Once you’ve blocked time for important, but often not scheduled activities, sign on for only those things that are important, family, friends and health. Once you know exactly what you have time to do, turning down things that don’t fit into your priorities is easier.

Time based to-do list

Create a to-do list that includes how much time you will spend on each item on the list. Lists are very helpful and helps prioritize on how you should go about the tasks. When you prioritize tasks you naturally focus on those that you can do immediately.


We all combine several activities into one all the time. Some multitasking is dangerous. Talk on the phone while driving and your chances of being involved in traffic accident is high. But there are lots of activities that can be effectively combined Listen to books while commuting, paying bills when watching television.

Don not be a perfectionist

There is nothing wrong with being ordinary. Perfectionism, otherwise known as paying excessive attention to every detail, important or not, is a kind of procrastination. Set rational goals for yourself. It is a fine thing to strive to be your best. It is  counter productive to try to be the very best. Setting unattainable expectations of yourself just adds stress to your life.

Reward yourself

Finally do not let any progress however small go unrewarded.

In nutshell  – Use your time diary to make decisions about how you want to organize your time better. As you make progress in prioritizing and saying ‘no,’ let yourself enjoy that. It does not have to be a big reward, maybe it can be as simple as spending some time by yourself or getting a massage. It is important to acknowledge and enjoy your success.


Salman Bhai can do no wrong

Yes, just like no one killed Jessica Lall in 1999. Till the media led activism led to a reopening of the trial post the horrific judgement of the trial court. Similarly in the Sanjeev Nanda’s BMW case and in the Nitish Katara case.

He is media popular, BOX Office popular 100 crore club star. How can he do any wrong?
If he has not done any wrong then who? Who was driving the cars?

Sad state of Indian Judiciary. Yet another example where “haves” can not do wrong. Its “Have not’s ” fault just like Abhijit (@abhijeetsinger) tweeted “If you sleep like a dog, you will die a dog’s death”.

Evolution vs First time right

Evolution or Evolve means “to develop gradually”

or “to develop by a process of evolution to a different adaptive state or condition”

Evolution is law of Nature.

The current state that we are in evolved in millions of years. We say that our ancestors were apes. Similarly ideas evolve. First came “incandescent” bulb then Florescent lights and then CFL and then the LEDs.

When we look around, we see each and every objects evolving from one state to another.

Young children,  when they first start writing are not perfect.  Their fingers shake, lines are not straight or curves are not curve. But slowly they become perfect.

The same applies to  customer service. You cannot be perfect at the first shot. Especially if the line of business is new. You will evolve in and become perfect step by step. It will be difficult to become perfect the first time.

This is my personal opinion based on nature’s law of evolution.


Democracy Wins – Birth of new Style of Politics

The result 67/3 I had never expected. Thought of 37-45 for AAP.

Delhi election shows that Government is By the people, For the people and Of the people.

BJP was over confident with its Lok Sabha election win. But State politics is different from National. At national level there was no other option.  People voted for the best possible candidate. But in Delhi election people has the option to choose between honest people’s leader and Center’s representative.

There are few questions that have come up in media recently like

Why BJP projected CM candidate unlike in other states?

Why was the election delayed?

Why did they started using negative tactics?

Whatever may be the reason, everything went against them.

I am not here to analyze why APP won or why BJP lost.

I am just trying to focus that Government is By the people, For the people and Of the people. Jai Hind!

War has begun

I am not talking of war with guns and rockets but price war.
With the  Flipkart’s big billion day sale, it has started a price war among other e-retailers. Snapdeal and Amazon has also started the same.  Others might follow the path.

Its a win-win situation for consumers.

Future group and others are complaining that it is ill-legal. They have not done anything new, same was done by Big bazzar 12 years ago with Independence day offer. At that time other small retailers were complaining the same. But ultimately consumers benefitted. Now they are at the receiving end.
According to me it is a healthy sign and price war means benefit to consumers.

This is my personal opinion.
What do you think?

What is Scrum?

Scrum is an Agile framework for completing complex projects. Scrum originally was formalized for software development projects, but it works well for any complex, innovative scope of work. The possibilities are endless. The Scrum framework is deceptively simple.

Scrum Principles

The framework and terminology are simple in concept yet difficult to implement. Successful Scrum teams embrace the values upon which Scrum is based :

We value

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Completed functionality over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, the items on the left matter more.

True success with the Scrum framework comes from teams and organizations who understand these values and the principles that form the foundation of all agile processes.

Scrum Terminology

We’ve introduced some new terms in describing the Scrum framework. Let’s look at them in more detail. Scrum is made up of three roles, four ceremonies, and three artifacts.

Three roles

  • Product owner: responsible for the business value of the project
  • ScrumMaster: ensures that the team is functional and productive
  • Team: self-organizes to get the work done

Four ceremonies

  • Sprint planning: the team meets with the product owner to choose a set of work to deliver during a sprint
  • Daily scrum: the team meets each day to share struggles and progress
  • Sprint reviews: the team demonstrates to the product owner what it has completed during the sprint
  • Sprint retrospectives: the team looks for ways to improve the product and the process.

Three artifacts

  • Product backlog: ordered list of ideas for the product
  • Sprint backlog: set of work from the product backlog that the team agrees to complete in a sprint, broken into tasks
  • Product Increment: required result of every sprint.  It is an integrated version of the product, kept at high enough quality to be shippable.


Forced evictions become history

New law replaces Land Acquisition Act 1894

Forced evictions become history after 120 years

The New Year ushered a new law replacing the 120-year old Land Acquisition Act 1894, ending to the government’s powers of forcible acquiescing and assuring appropriate compensation to farmers with transparency.

The Rural Development Ministry notified the rules framed under the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act to bring it into force.

The new law provides for compensation at the rate of four times the market value in rural areas and twice in the urban areas and the land cannot be acquired unless this compensation has been already disbursed.

The state government has to also oversee the rehabilitation and resettlement undertaken by the private parties while buying land if it is more than 50 acres in the urban areas and 100 acres in rural areas.

Henceforth, neither the center nor any state government can forcibly take over the private land for any public works and projects, including roads, buildings, and industry, without the owner’s consent and that too after providing generous compensation and rehabilitation of those affected.

The Act makes mandatory the consent of at least 70 per cent land owners for acquiring their land for the government or public-private-partnership (PPP) projects and 80 per cent for private projects.

Land is a state subject under the Constitution and hence the major role of the state governments begins now.

This is a good move and similar actions should be done for other acts which are very old and require revisit.

Aadhar card – is it really required?

How many cards do you need to have?

Already have bunch of credit and debit cards, Voter ID card, PAN card, Ration Card, Driving license and Passport. Now GOI have anounced aadhar card.

Yes, the aadhar card is unique in it is way.

The other cards is right now used as identification proof or Address proof but the actual purpose of the card is different.

  • Voter ID card enables you to vote and for this you need to be above 18 years. It is not available for all
  • PAN card is required for payment of taxes. If I am not earning I do not require PAN card.
  • Ration card is again used to distribute ration or food and essential items at discounted price by government.
  • Driving License in case you want to drive.
  • Credit and debit cards are self explanatory and not mandatory for everyone.
  • Passport is required only when you want to travel outside India to different countries.

All these cards we were using till now for proving our address and identity. These cards are not mandatory to have.

Aadhar will be speifically used for address and identity proof. And the good point is that this card is available to all individual of all age group. This card should avoid submitting different address and ID proofs for getting any service.

Let’s see how it all goes.


How to succeed in life- a 15 point plan

Everyone want to succeed in life. Whether your are employed or a businessman or in sports; it does not matter. I have listed down few points that can help you achieve that. The points are not in order of priority. All are equally important.

  1. Do not talk negatively about people behind their backs. if you gossip, people would not confide in you. Mind your own business.
  2. Try to work for someone who will challenge your powers. You will learn more in a year than 4 years of college
  3. Successful bosses have good communication skills. They learn from people, including their employees.
  4.  Work in such a way that makes your boss look good. It is not flattery.
  5. On downsizing, the first to go are those with few friends. Bosses prefer competent people whom they respect.
  6. Dress for the job you want not the one you have. Let your dress reflect professionalism.
  7. Workout to get in good physical shape. Unless exceptionally skilled, the unhealthy are at a comparative disadvantage.
  8. Personal integrity is crucial. Tell nothing but truth. Bosses can forgive mistakes but if you lie you are gone.
  9. Try to arrive few minutes early. It saves from stress. You will be much relaxed and work better.
  10. Strive your best to keep your deadline. If you cannot meet it, then apologize and ask for an extension.
  11. Do not take things personally. If some people are unhappy with you it is their problem. But always strive to give your best.
  12. If you must correct someone, do not get personal about it. Do it never in front of others.
  13. Spend some time alone everyday. What is the mission of my life? What do I want to be? And how to go about it.
  14. As you move along Plan A of your career, maintain a plan B as well – an alternative course to rely.
  15. Always remember that secret of success is passion. Always think big. Some examples from India are, Sachin Tendulkar in cricket. His passion for the game has made him achieve what he has. There are many more examples for this.

Do you have any other thing on your mind or you do not agree with any of the above 15 ? Your opinion is welcome.