Chasing the impossible

Sometime you might have faced a situation where you need to finish some task by some date. You have some deadline to meet. You work day/night 24 hours a day and do all your effort but still you are not able to finish it on time. This can happen not only on your official work but in any other day to day task.

This can be a situation where you are chasing the impossible. 

Some task can not be finished in  by particular date even if you work all day and night. You must as a manager or lead or even a team member realize that if a work takes x hours it will take that time. You cannot increase your efficiency beyond some level. A rubber also can not be stretched beyond some limit.

You might have calculated the effort required to finish the task correctly( some time this also can be wrong). Assuming that you calculation is right in the first place but you are still not able to finish it.

This can be explained by the following example from Mathematics which I normally ask in interviews. The solution from the below question will explain it.

You are traveling  back home from office. You decide that you will travel at an average speed of 60 km/hour. At half the distance you realised that your average speed was 30 km/hour( may be because of traffic). At what speed you should travel your next half of the journey so that your average speed comes out to be 60 km/hour?

The answer to this is infinity which means it is not possible. With whatever speed you travel the second half ( 80, 90,120, speed of light…) you will not be able to attain total average speed of 60 km/hour.

Explanation – Consider the total distance as 60 km.( you can consider any value). Total time require to attain average speed is 1 hour ( Time= Distance/speed). Half distance i.e. 30 km is covered by speed of 30 km/h. i.e Time utilized = 30/30 = 1 hour. You have finished the time quota of 1 hour at the half the distance. Time left is 0 and you are chasing the impossible.

This is also what you encounter in your work i.e. Chasing the impossible. If you delay initially, sometime you will not be able to make it on time.


Why do you pay TAX?

Yes, TAX !!!!

You pay Tax like Income Tax, Service tax, Customs duty, Exise  duty on products, Road Tax, Toll Tax and many more which I do not know by name.

My question is why are we doing so? People used to pay tax when we were ruled by XYZ. In today’s democratic world we are still paying our hard earned money to government so that they can enjoy the lavish life. Government officials enjoys n number of freebies viz.. free travel, free phone/mobiles, No toll tax etc. etc. etc…..

When some one dares to ask to prove whether he is an elected representative, shows gun.

pay TAX

How is some countries do  not have any tax?

Why can’t we pay only one tax?

And the big QUESTION

Is it necessary to PAY TAX? Abolish all tax and root cause of all problem is gone.

Government should also sweat and earn money. They are not doing any social work any more.

Hanged till death – Buddha has smiled again

21/11/2012 – A date to remember

The only surviving terrorist finally hanged to death. Was he the only surviving terrorist? No, he is just one of the pawn. The actual mastermind behind the attack is freely moving in Pakistan. We should learn lesson from US.

The best part of the execution was that it was done with perfection. This shows GOI can keep secret if required and of course the perfection. It surprised Pakistan.
It reminds me of “When Buddha smiled again”. Yes the Nuclear test Pokhram II in 1998.Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the Scientific Adviser to the Prime Minister, and Dr. R. Chidambaram, the head of the Department of Atomic Energy, were the chief coordinators of this test. The preparation of the test site was done by the 58th Army Engineering Corps. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), the Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research and the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) scientists were involved in the bomb assemble, layout, detonation and obtaining test data.

Work was mostly done during night, and equipment was returned to the original place to give the impression that it was never moved. Bomb shafts were dug under camouflage netting and the dug-out sand was shaped like shaped dunes. Cables for sensors were covered with sand and concealed using native vegetation.
The scientists involved in the operation took steps to ensure the secrecy of their work at Pokhran. Technical staff at the test range wore military uniform, to prevent detection in satellite images.
On the diplomatic front, India adopted a policy of nuclear ambiguity.

Congratulation to Government of India for making us smile again !!!

I switched on the Diwali lights again in celebrations!!!


Compound Interest


If you ever thought that the role of the mathematics subject in our life is over then you could be quite wrong about this thought because of compound interest formula . Today all calculations for mortgages and loans are all done through compound interest formula.

Compound interest is compounded annually, quarterly and monthly. Unlike the simple interest formula where you simply multiply the Principal with the rate of interest and the time span in years and you get the interest value separately. This is then added to the principal to see what the total value is. In case of compound interest formula, the total amount is got is the sum plus the interest. Here if you need to identify the interest component alone then you will have to subtract the principal from the total amount to get this.

The compound interest formula is given by
CI= P (1+(R/100)) t. 

CI stands for Compound Interest,
P stands for the principal value on which the interest is being calculated,
R is the rate of interest and
t is the time for which the value is calculated.
In general terminology- we should notice that the R is always taken as Rate of Interest annually and the t is the tenure in years. So if you are calculating this in months or if the rate of interest is monthly then the formula should be modified accordingly.

As discussed before the tenure is always expressed in the form of years so if you are trying to calculate it for say 8 months then you should be using 0.67 instead of 1 for the tenure of the investment or loan. Same applies for the rate of interest as well. If the rate of interest is provided quarterly then the R would be replaced by R/4.

Though you might be thinking that this is a small thing and is not of much importance then it is suggested that you give a peep into the world outside where almost all financial calculations for interest are performed using the Compound Interest formula.

Who is ruling India?

Arvind Kejriwal has caught the bull by the tail.

“Mukesh Ambani runs the government, not PM”

He has caught the root cause of all problem. You may call him selfish and trying to build political space. But looking at the larger context he is right.

Scam Scam scam…..

2G scam, Coal Bloack allocation scam, and now Natural Gas scam.

Again i want to say, there cannot be any smoke without fire.

Nuclear Catastrophe

Date: 20/3/2011

At 2.46 pm Japan time, an earthquake measuring 8.9 on rictor scale, Lat:37.68N, Long:143.03E, depth: 20 km below the ocean’s surface, off the coast Tohoku Earthquake, destroyed most parts of the Miyagi Prefecture, about 370 km north from Tokyo. The devastation was compounded by the earthquake shaking as well as by the tsunami, and more so with the nuclear power plant disaster.

Earthquake followed by Tsunami was natural calamity. But the Nuclear disaster was man made or more precisely man induced.

The Nuclear disaster  which is rated as 5 out of 7 is not as sever as Chernobyl nuclear meltdown in Ukraine 25 years ago. The Ukraine disaster could be attributed to flawed designs and improper operating procedures.y. Fukushima, Japan cannot be. Japan runs the world’s third largest fleet of nuclear reactors (55) supplying  one third of its electricity and one sixth of the global total of reactors is in Japan. Japan is credited by the global nuclear industry with its best safety standards for nuclear reactors.

But still this is not enough. INDIA should rethink its ambitious Nuclear program. In my opinion we should immediately stop all nuclear program and concentrate on Green energy source like wind, water(hydro) and so on.

In fact India should also abandon its Nuclear weapon plans. I mean all nuclear plan.

India should rethink of some other types of weapons other than Nuclear. The one which does not kill people.

The BYTE weapon.

” When you Dream, dream big, dream impossible. Anything is possible in this world. Even earthquake of magnitude 20…”

The Evil – Corruption

As off now there are n number of scams involving leaders of major political parties. Some of them might be correct some may be a false allegation. And unless proved they can not be blamed. Everyone knows that it is  not possible to prove the mighty especially when they are in power. So the political leaders are never involved in any scams, its the common man. ha ha ha ha.

Arvind accusing Mr. X benefiting by being related to some political leaders, some leaders from both ruling and opposition also  blamed for corruption and vice versa.

Who is correct?

No idea but there is a common saying that there can not be smoke without a fire.

So as per my assumption, the allegation might not be 100% correct.

But just blaming the few is not the correct solution. Even if they are punished it is not possible to eradicate corruption from India. These few are among the 100 crore Indian.

And the only solution is to educate the new generation about the evil of corruption. It is the responsibility of the parent and schools to teach. It is only then it can be removed.