USB Reading Lamp

USB reading lamp is powered using USB port. The USB port provide 5 v and 100mA which is sufficient for this circuit. Cut the one end of the USB cable and use RED(pin1) and Black(pin4) for 5v positive and negative respectively.   Parts c1,c2 - 100 mF 25 v Zener diode - 4.7v … Continue reading

Lamp Dimmer

12v LAMP Dimmer Parts IC 1 – NE555 Transistor – 2N2955 -1 Resistance – 1k(2 no.), 100 Ω Variable Resistance – 50k Capacitor – 0.1 µF Diode – 1N4001 – 3  12v 2 amp Bulb Input Voltage is 12v. To create your own bench top power supply use the circuit shown … Continue reading