How to remove windows default share?

Windows default share C$, D$ etc are recreated on machine restart or restarting the server service. To remove these share we can add a batch file which will remove the share. This batch file can be executed every time the machine is restarted by placing it in startup folder.

Create a batch file with following text

net share c$ /delete
net share d$ /delete

and save it as shareremove.bat(as an example). You can provide any name of your choice.

Copy this file in windows startup folder.

Now every time the machine is restarted the two shared drives c$ and D$ are removed from share.

MAC Address Spoofing

To change MAC-Address for a Network card in Windows Registry:

  1. Click Start – Run, type “regedit”
  2. Navigate to




3. Under this key, you shoud see numbers in sequence as “0000″, “0001″ and so on. Click on one at a time to check the description of the device to match it with that of your Network Card. In my case (0001)


4. Once found, in the right-pane, look for “NetworkAddress” key value. If you find it, right-click and select modify. Enter the desired MAC-Address as a 12 digit number (all in one, no “space” “.” or “-”)

5. If you don’t find the key, right-click in the rightpane, select “New” – “String Value”. Enter the name as “NetworkAddress”. Now modify and set the desired value.

6. Now, disable and enable the Network card from the ControlPanel – Network Connections.

This should reflect the new MAC-Address on your NIC. Should you choose to go back to the original manufacturer set MAC-Address simply delete the key you just created/modified in the Windows Registry.


You can also use a tool like Technitium MAC Address Changer to change the MAC-Address of your NIC