Whats new in JMeter 2.9

Its been quite some time since JMeter 2.9 is available. There have been few notable changes in the new version of JMeter.

JMeter can now handle different types of documents (PDF, MsOffice files, Apache OpenOffice’s files…) within different elements.¬†

What does this mean?

  • Regular expression extractor can extract text from such documents
  • Assertion response can check text in such documents
  • Vew text of such documents in Result Tree.

pdfdocument-resulttreee-JMeter 2.9


JMS Publisher can now send Bytes Messages

JMSPublisher-JMeter 2.9


XPath Extractor now enables using a JMeter variable as input

Xpathextractor-JMeter 2.9


Copy/paste is now possible between 2 JMeter instances

HTTP Proxy Server now automatically uses HTTP Request with Raw Post Body mode for samples that only have one unnamed argument (JSON, XML, GWT…)

HTTP Proxy Server does not force user to select the type of Sampler in HTTP Sampler Settings.

This allows easier switch between implementations as Sampler do not have this information set anymore

JMeter now required Java 6 runtime or higher


For details list of changes and bug fixes in JMeter 2.9 vist http://jmeter.apache.org/changes.html


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