How to upgrade to Linux Mint 15

Linux Mint 15 RC is out. If you are using Mint 14 and want to move to new version you can follow the steps below.

Waring: It is not recommended method and should be followed only at your own risks. Recommended method of upgrade is installing from ISO file.

Steps to follow:

  • Using a text editor (as root), replace the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list with the following sources list:
deb olivia main upstream import
 deb raring main restricted universe multiverse
 deb raring-updates main restricted universe multiverse
 deb raring-security main restricted universe multiverse
 deb raring partner
 deb raring free non-free
  • Run ‘apt-get update’
  • Run ‘apt-get dist-upgrade’.

Follow the instructions issued, don’t worry about overwriting configuration files. It will take some time depending on your internet speed and system configuration.

  • Run ‘apt-get upgrade’
  • Reboot

You are done with upgrade to Linux Mint 15.


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