Solar mobile charger circuit

Solar mobile charger circuit using LM7805


solar mobile charger circuit

C1 and C2 – 4700 µf

This circuit is self explanatory. It uses solar panel to convert light energy to electrical energy to charge your mobile. It uses 5v regulator IC 7805 to provide constant current of 5v. Resistor R2 limits charging current to safer level.

Note: if your panel is rated less that 1.5 A then R2 is not required.

Components required for this project are listed below:

  1. Solar panel ( 5v 5 watt)
  2. Diode 1N4007
  3. IC 7805
  4. C1,C2 – 4700µf
  5. RED LED
  6. R1 – 1K
  7. R2 – 47 ohm
  8. USB female socket


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