How to setup 3.5 inch touch screen on Raspberry Pi


In this post I will help you in installing and configuring the LCD touch screen on Raspberry Pi. Most LCD touch screens come with an OS image that you can write on to your SD card and run it quickly. But what if you want to run some different OS or do a clean installation.

raspberrypi display

I will using Raspbian Jessie on Raspberry Pi Zero W. To connect to LCD display, I assume that you already have latest raspian os running. Also, make sure you have internet running.

Step 1:

Connect through putty or open console through the menu and run the following commands.

sudo rm -rf LCD-show
git clone
chmod -R 755 LCD-show
cd LCD-show/

Step 2

Run following command if you have 3.5 inch display.

sudo ./LCD35-show

Note: to revert back to HDMI run the following command

sudo ./LCD-hdmi


If you are still not able to enable touch screen on Raspberry Pi (3.5 inch display) let me know.

Note: If you need latest version of LCD SHOW use

For more info on LCD go to

If you want to buy cheap 3.5 inch display go to Note that I am not getting any commission from aliexpress and its just an informational.



  1. I just tried your instructions and works great with SD boot. I then tried with USB boot (no SD ) and the boot fails as soon as the last code line is entered. Is there any more commands needed to use the USB flash boot option?

  2. Sir, you have done a great help by cloning the LCDWiki git to your repo. You could have linked to the original LCD Wiki git repo in your article instead when you wrote it in 2019. I see an advantage, your copy of the repo should indeed work with Debian 9 (stretch) based Raspbians. Please do not update it. does not have tags to go back to earlier versions. It would be more helpful to mention the same in the blog.
    Thank you.

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