Audio Amplifier using LM386

Audio amplifier using LM386 is a power amplifier designed to be used in low voltage consumer applications. Typical applications are like portable AM/FM amplifier, TV sound systems. It requires minimum external parts and operate from wide range of voltage starting from as low as 4 volt.Below is the version of the circuit designed by me in one of my projects. It has a Gain of 50 with Bass boost.


Part list for the amplifier are as follows:
1. C1 – 100 µf
2. C2 – 10 µf
3. C3 – 0.01 µf
4. C4 – 0.1 µf
5. C5 – 0.01 µf
6. C6 – 220 µf
7. R1 – 10 K
8. R2 – 1.2 K
9. R3 – 10
10. VR1 – 10 K
11. 9 volt Battery
12. IC – LM386
C3 and C4 can be replaced by 0.05 or 0.047 µf capacitor.
This amplifier is ideal for iPod and cell phones and can be assembled in small box.


  1. C6 should be of higher values above 1000uf for better oscillation.Speakers like better oscillations.

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