Applying Patterns to Software Testing

What is Patterns ?

  • a regular or repetitive form, order or arrangement
  • a model that is considered to be worthy of imitation

Why Patterns ?

Patterns are a way of helping people who design things. Patterns accomplish at least three things

  1. They provide vocabulary for problem solvers.
  2. They focus attention on the forces behind the problem. It allows designers to better understand when and why a solution applies.
  3. They encourage iterative thinking. Each solution creates a new context in which new problems can be solved.

Why Test Patterns?

Testers lack useful vocabulary and are hampered by rigid “one size fits all” methodologies, and face many problems whose solutions are not described in the literature.

Some of the test patterns are

  1. Pair -testing
  2. Architecture- Achilles- Heels
  3. Architecture – reverse engineering
  4. Scenario testing

More on Test Patterns in my next post.



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