How to install NOBS for Raspberry Pi

Install NOBS for Raspberry Pi

To get started with Raspberry Pi you need an operating system. NOOBS (New Out Of the Box Software) is an easy operating system install manager for the Raspberry Pi. You can also have Windows 10 on your Pie. To install NOBS for Raspberry pi follow following steps.


  • Using a computer to visit the Downloads page at
  • Click on the Download ZIP button under ‘NOOBS (offline and network install)’, and select a folder to save it to.
  • Extract the files from the zip.

Format your SD card

It is best to format your SD card before copying the NOOBS files onto it. To do this:

Windows or Mac

Download SD Association’s Formatting Tool, from You will need to set “FORMAT SIZE ADJUSTMENT” option to “ON” in the “Options” menu to ensure that the entire SD card volume is formatted, and not just a single partition.


For Linux users use GParted or fdisk.

Drag and drop NOOBS files

  • Once your SD card has been formatted, drag all the files in the extracted NOOBS folder and drop them onto the SD card drive.
  • The necessary files will then be transferred to your SD card.
  • When this process has finished, safely remove the SD card and insert it into your Raspberry Pi.

First boot

  • Plug in your keyboard, mouse and monitor cables.
  • Now plug in the USB power cable to your Pi.
  • Your Raspberry Pi will boot, and a window will appear with a list of different operating systems that you can install. We recommend that you use Raspbian – tick the box next to Raspbian and click on Install.
  • Raspbian will then run through its installation process. Note this can take a while.
  • When the install process has completed, the Raspberry Pi configuration menu (raspi-config) will load. Here you are able to set the time and date for your region and enable aRaspberry Pi camera board, or even create users. You can exit this menu by using Tab on your keyboard to move to Finish.

Logging in

The default login for Raspbian is username pi with the password raspberry. To load the graphical user interface type startx.

Next article will cover how to install Windows 10 instead of NOBS

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