How to make Wifi router UPS


This project to make WIFI router UPS was inspired by continuous work from home requirement during lockdown. In our area when the power from the electricity board goes off, there is some lag in switching to power backup. Because of this router restarts and there is a momentary disconnection. This results in some interruption in Teams calls. This device that I have made and explained below will overcome this.


What you need

  1. Dc-Dc boost convertor module. I used XL6009 DC-DC Step-up Module with Adjustable Booster Power Supply module from Amazon. XL6009DC-DC-Stepup-adjustable-power-module
  2. 3.7 v lithium battery charger module. You can buy this from Amazon or salvage from any old power bank.
  3. 3.7v 18650 lithium battery. Either you buy new one or can salvage from old laptop battery.
  4. Digital voltmeter
  5. 1 SPST switch and DC power jack
  6. A suitable case and some wires.


Working principle and Block Diagram

Follow the connection as shown in the diagram above. Battery is connected to B+ and B- terminal in the charging module. Boost module will get input from battery via a spst switch. Micro USB port is used to charge the battery and you can keep it connected all the time. Preset in the boost module is used to set the output voltage( eg: 12 v in my case). Test this module first with some dummy load.

Note: In the above diagram I have not attached the voltmeter. In case you want to attach the voltmeter as shown in my project below connect to the output from boost module.


Completed Project










This wifi router UPS is an excellent lockdown project and you should give a try. Let me know if you can make it or you face any problem.


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