Monitoring windows server using JMeter plugin

JMeter plugin is the very much usefull in load testing. Long time back I had posted an article for monitoring windows server using Nagios. Now you do not require Nagios any more.  A JMeter plugin is available which can be used with JMeter to perform this. This plugin integrates with the JMeter tool.To install the JMeter Plugins, you simply have to copy the JMeterPlugins.jar file from inside JMETER_INSTALL_DIR/lib/ext. Now you can restart your JMeter and see jp@gc-prefixed plugins in menus.
The plugin can be downloaded from use the the Servers Monitoring Listener, you must also install the server agent on all servers which need to be monitored.You need to run JMeter 2.4 or above with a JRE 1.6 or above to use the plugin.
Update[20-Oct-2013]: The latest version of JMeter plugin is 1.1.1. and can be downloaded from the following location.
It requires JMeter 2.8 or above and JRE 1.6 or above.

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