How to use multiple solar panels?

Calculating watts

Power[watt]=Voltage[volt] * Current[Ampere]

if the panel is rated as 5v 200 mA then

Power=1 watt

Wiring multiple solar panels

Parallel wiring

This is required if your application need more power than rated. By connecting the positive terminal of solar panel of one panel to positive terminal of another panel and similarly connecting negative terminals of both the panel as shown in the figure below.

fig – 1 parallel wiring

multiple solar panels parallel

The maximum current that can be delivered will be some of both current. The rated voltage will remain same.


Series wiring

This can be used if your application needs a higher voltage than the rated voltage. You can wire the positive terminal of one solar panel to the load and negative terminal to positive terminal of another panel as shown in the figure below.

Figure – 2 series wiring

multiple solar panels series

In this wiring total voltage delivered will be  some of the rated voltage of both panels. Current supply will remain same.




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