AC LED Light

Circuit Diagram for AC LED Light

AC LED Light

Resistor=240v -( Number of LEDs *3.3)/0.015 A
        =240 - (41*3.3)/0.015 A
        =7000 Ohms

Either use 6.8k or 7.1 K with power rating of 7-10 watt or 4*2.1 k 2watt

Suggested Layout for AC LED Light



  • Take any old CFL lamp and cut open it. Remove the circuit out and use it as a back case.
  • Make holes for the led as shown in the suggested layout. Fit the led’s in it and solder it in series.
  • Solder the bridge and resistor as shown above in the ac led light circuit.
  • You can use any plastic or wooden plate used in electrical wiring readily available in electrical shops.

Note: If input AC voltage is 120, adjusted the resistor value using the formula given above.

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