How to transfer domain hosting and domain

There may be situation when you may require to transfer domain hosting from one hosting provider to other. Doing so there are many challenges like making sure that there is minimum downtime such that end user does not get to know that there is any change. To do so follow the following steps in order.

Steps to transfer domain hosting are detailed below:

Step 1 – Backup

Yes, backup everything: Files, database, email settings and all other things that you think is required later to restore in case anything goes wrong.

To backup database, you can use any WordPress plugin( if you are using WordPress) or you can directly go to CPannel to backup everything. Download all your backups on to your local system.

Step 2 – Copy all files to your new host

If you have downloaded all your files in step one, use same to upload it on the new host server.

Note: If you have a dynamic site, you may need to restrict some behaviour for some time or set a read only mode to prevent data being lost during the transfer.

If you are using WordPress then you first install WordPress in your new host. After that Restore database. Then copy all your contents: Plugin, themes and upload folders.

Step 3 – Testing

Test the the copy worked correctly.

Step 4 – Update old DNS system to point to new server

Change the old DNS system to point to the new web server and check the site is loading. At this point if everything goes fine you can re-enable full dynamic behaviour.

If you find any issue revert the DNS settings and fix all issues.

Note: Perform this step during the time when it is least used.

Step 5 – Update/Copy DNS settings in new server

Copy the DNS settings from the old server to the new hosts DNS server

Step 6 – Check the site works

Test the new site for all links working, images are loading fine and so on. Wait a few days for everything everywhere to propagate to the new settings, and then turn off the old nameserver.

Step 7 – Transferring Registrar ( This should be last step)

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